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ZUŠ Iši Krejčího
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contacts: Jakub Cervenka, bandleader, phone: 737 926 536, e-mail:

Orchestra Name Explanation

Our orchestra's full name is Big Band ZUS Isi Krejciho. It's named after our school, however this can be uneasy to pronounce or memorize for non-Czech people. So we use this shorteded name for our international occations: Big Band ZUS-IK - easy to memorize and pronounce.

Orchestra Info

Big Band ZUS-IK was established in 2007 and soon became the leading swing orchestra in Olomouc Region. It's a standard jazz orchestra with 5 saxophones, 8 brass and 4 pieces acoustic rhythm section, followed by two vocalists (male and female), formed with the students, teachers and jazz enthusiasts both amateurs and professionals.


More about upcoming events can be found on our live performances page.

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About Our Rhythm Section

The rhythm section of Big Band ZUS-IK holds one nice priority - because the music of the Count Basie Orchestra forms the main part of our repertoire, we use an acoustic bass and additionally we have Jirka Krbecek, who is the first Czech guitarist using Freddie Green's unique rhythm guitar style. And now we also have another Freddie Green guy, Jakub Vavra, and they both share orchestra's repertoire. They use large acoustic archtop guitars with no pick-ups. Jakub Vavra plays school's semi-plywood 18" instrument Prochazka, Historic model, Jirka Krbi purchased solid wood 17" guitar Kucera, Julia model. More about Freddie Green rhythm guitar style - click the following link.

Our special page dedicated to the legendary Freddie Green!!!

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For Aspiring Orchestra Members

We are glad to see some new musicians, but at this time we are looking for experienced players only. There is no time to teach all the basics during orchestra rehearsals. For those of you with less experience we can manage some private or school lessons first. In any case don't hesitate to contact us, we do speak English. We rehearse every thursday from 6:30 till 8:30PM in our rehearse-room, Jilova 43a, Olomouc: Click here for a map!

We offer much more than just the possibility of playing with the big band. Our goal is to educate fully prepared players, that means we will give you some individual lessons focused on better tone, phrasing, theory, improvisation and other jazz specialties. We will also suggest what to listen to, which helps rapidly to develop one's abilities in jazz. We are looking forward to see you - please use our contacts below.

BcA.Jakub Cervenka, mobile: 737 926 536, e-mail:
Mgr.Jan Pribil, mobile: 723 740 219, e-mail:

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Big Band ZUS-IK - Actual Formation:

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Big Band IK - Repertoire:

(tunes signed with an "*" are being prepared)
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